Monday, January 2, 2012


I haven't posted much, although much has happened/will happen. So, first things first:

For Christmas I got . . .
-way too many holiday socks
-non-holiday socks
-super awesome soft monkey blanket
(maybe now I will want to post pictures on my blog, and you people who read this won't have your eyeballs burnt out by lack of pictures)
-squishy noodle thingies
-a life lesson: never tell your sisters that it's okay for them to buy you socks at ShopKo for Christmas

Here we have some pictures that I took with my camera:
My shoe! (without shoelaces, because they broke)

Mr. Pickles! Isn't he adorable?

The very elusive, legendary, 'Suzie'. This secretive creature has never been officially documented, and is terribly hard to photograph. Many people doubt her existence.

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