Saturday, January 7, 2012


Last night, I had the wonderful opportunity to be in a mini-play! =D I had a smallish part, which made me unhappy, but I made sure to make it a marvelous minor role.

Our play was called Mere Mirror, which is a sort of parody of Snow White, like what happened while Snow White was living with dwarves. I got to be the huntsman, which was awkward, because I was the only girl out of forty or so who was playing a guy. But it was also good, because I didn't have to wear as much stage makeup, or a dress. (though sometimes I like to wear a dress)

Here are some pictures that my mom took:

Me adjusting my hat (you can see the queen's hand [queen played by Beanie] on my right; she was walking around me)

Me playing with my pickle jar and watching the queen get arrested (behind me are the queen's serving girls[I think that's Chelsea, Paige, and Whitney])

Fun facts!
-I think I was one of the only girls there who didn't know how to put on the stage makeup
-My character was comic relief
-My character was the only member of castle staff who didn't have to wear a bag on my head

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