Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Youth Conference

Last Friday and Saturday I went to my very first....


But it was a ward conf., and we didn't have an over-nighter, so the Beehives and Deacons were aloud to go. Call me a jerk, but if I have to wait, everyone should have to wait. >_> But I had a good time with my youngish friends.

Day 1- SLC Temple Square, and the Humanitarian Center

This is my sister

Day 2- The Devil's Kitchen in Payson Canyon, and some lake in a place.
I must say, driving in a canyon is the WORST. :P I get a bit carsick.... but no mishaps. And Devil's Kitchen is cool.
But my favoritest part was at the lake. Rope swings, baby.

Monday, July 9, 2012

The Goggie

My sister's 16th birthday was on Wednesday. All her life, she has wanted a pet dog, but hasn't had one. My mom said when we got a house of our own, we could get a dog. We moved to a new house and lived here for a year, still without a dog. So for her birthday, Suzie got a dog.

For some time now, she has also wanted to get a pie in the face. I made her a super amazing chocolate cream pie to throw in her face when she got home from work, but when she got home, she had a doggie, so I had to wait to throw the pie in her face. :( But it was done!

Friday, July 6, 2012

And Then...

...Rain. Now we can breath, and it's not so dry.

Up next in Nature vs. Humans: Mudslides