Monday, January 10, 2011


Yesh, Monday. Ugh. Generally, I wake up groggily, get ready, go out to the bus stop, and go to school, feeling disgruntled. Then, by fourth period, we pick up entry task logs, and one of the little voices in my head screams, realizing that, no, it is not Friday.

And sorry, I forgot to scan the drawing I drew for the thief. :P

Friday, January 7, 2011


That's right. Theft. I've been robbed of some of my (niftiest) artwork. I had six very cute drawings in the front of my binder (hand drawn!!!) two days ago, and now I have ONE. And they couldn't have just fallen out. I got really angry, and drew a chibi of myself holding a sword screaming "DIEE!!!" (I'm never serious when I make death threats, FYI) Then I got worried. In the front of our school is a bulletin board with newspaper clippings featuring our school. I keep dreading that I'll see a clipping with a picture of my drawing/s, saying, "So-and-so, from Xxxxxx Xxxx Junior High, won first place in a county art competition for this lovely drawing." Ooh, I would freak out then. But I have a plan. Rather than having a stake-out, or dusting for fingerprints (good ideas, I think, but I don't have the resources), I'll draw a really amazing picture this weekend, write a note on the back, and slide it into my binder. I'll post the pic when I finish it, because I don't plan on getting it back.