Friday, September 30, 2011

Show Choir

We had auditions for Show Choir today after school. Let me tell you, I can't dance. I had a really hard time figuring out the moves and remembering them, and I got so sweaty and tired. :| And I nearly bombed the singing part, I'm afraid, and I'm almost certain that I bombed the dancing part. I just didn't try to show that I was making up moves as I went. x) But I'm pretty sure it was noticeable, and now we'll just have to wait and see. I'm not really looking forward to if I make it, because I'll be dancing early in the morning, and then I'll go to P.E., and then I'll probably end up conking out in health class. Lovely.

Friday, September 23, 2011

The 1980's, Anonymous Correspondence, and More

Yes. Yes indeed. I left a few notes in Super Awesome Guy's locker. (I just now decided to call him that) One had a joke, one had a poem, and one was when I freaked out because on the poem note, I had written the wrong locker number for a 'return address'. He has gotten my notes I know, but he hasn't sent me a not back. Is it a correspondence if it's only one way? 
Isn't he just AWESOME?

Also, this week was spirit week at the lovely little hole we like to call school. I have little school spirit, but I will rarely pass up the opportunity to dress up. Monday was Team Spirit day, so I nabbed my sister's school shirt for the local high school, because they have lovely shirts, and it's probably the coolest high school around. The amusing details on how I managed to get the shirt can be found on my comic blog.

Tuesday was Clash day, when most people end up dressing up and going absolutely overboard. I did not, so we'll skip the details of this boring day.

Wednesday was Nerd day, which was totally not cool. "Let's target the stereotype of this group of people and dress like them to mock their brains!" But Super Awesome Dude was decked out, which made me sad. But he made an awesome fake nerd.

Thursday was absolutely awesome, because it was decade day. =D I was planning 70's, but my dress ended up not fitting, so I cut up an old shirt, broke out my parachute pants, and improvised, going 80's. It was absolutely FUN-NESS. ♥

Today was, of course, Spirit day, so I did nothing, because my school shirt looks really ugly, with a picture of a rabid wolverine on the front. Wolverine isn't even our mascot.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dipish Episode

Or something. We've all had those experiences where we find someone particularly attractive and we decide that we will leave notes and anonymous tokens of our affection in their locker. (at least, I hope I'm not the only one . . .) Well, today, that's just what I've decided to do.

Unfortunately, the locker I was targeting happens to be in a fairly crowded hallway, that only becomes empty during the five minutes right after lunch begins, when everyone is in the cafeteria or outside. This was when I determined to slip the note in. But, lucky me, the note wouldn't go in, and ruined my attempts to slide it through the vent quickly and nonchalantly. I tried to shove it in, but it wouldn't go, so I did my best to position it so that it wouldn't slide out or show. (you know, at the moment, I'm having a difficult time typing this so that it sounds decent and is grammatically correct. I think I'm failing) Having ungracefully succeeded in my quest, I went on my way, trying not to hyperventilate.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Oh Look, I've Procrastinated Again

I'm sorry to keep all you (non-existent?) blog-lurkers waiting for me to tell you: SCHOOL STARTED AGAIN! 8th grade. I feel like a big kid now, even though in a junior high school, you're not one of the big kids. Oh yeah.


I also moved. All the way from one neighborhood to the other. All the way from one ward to the neighboring ward. Whose young women are more hospitable, which makes me feel wonderful and awful. :{ I had such wonderful times with girls who hardly gave a mouse's tail for me anywhere but Girls' Camp (which was one of the most wonderful times), and I wonder, why did that happen? And then I think, oh wait, that's not a good thing to think. And there was a new-ish girl who moved in who was super nice, and I didn't get to know her much. And then I moved away, not even out of the stake, and people ARE ACTUALLY INVITING ME TO SIT NEXT TO THEM. And hugging me. When did this happen??

Anyways, back to school, which is actually much more interesting, and less rant-y, I am having interesting experiences EVERY DAY. :D Which I probably won't get to telling you about, because I am lazy and special that way. But, since I have nothing better to do, here is a list of interesting things that have happened.

-I said hi to old friends
-I said hi to the guy I have a crush on
-Some complete stranger learned my name, and asked me to wear my cloak to school like I did last year (flattering, creepy, and it is still way too hot outside for me to be wearing a fleece cloak around. Although, it gets FREEZING in the school)
-A girl in my math class freaks out whenever she gets a good grade on a test. It's amusing, but annoying
-My bus driver ran into a kid crossing the street (just a little, but someone called 911, and there was a big nasty brouhaha, and people are saying she got arrested; she did not)
-I got a metaphorical gold star
-Colton(friend): Dude, have you been carrying that college dictionary around all day in your binder?
Dude: Uh, yeah. . .
Me: No he hasn't. They're all over the room.
Colton: *looks around* Ooohh . . . heh heh. *picks up a dictionary and starts to read* Creamcup, Creamdoodle, Cream puff . . . hahaha, this is awesome! I have to get me one of these! :D
-I forgot my name for two seconds