Friday, September 2, 2011

Oh Look, I've Procrastinated Again

I'm sorry to keep all you (non-existent?) blog-lurkers waiting for me to tell you: SCHOOL STARTED AGAIN! 8th grade. I feel like a big kid now, even though in a junior high school, you're not one of the big kids. Oh yeah.


I also moved. All the way from one neighborhood to the other. All the way from one ward to the neighboring ward. Whose young women are more hospitable, which makes me feel wonderful and awful. :{ I had such wonderful times with girls who hardly gave a mouse's tail for me anywhere but Girls' Camp (which was one of the most wonderful times), and I wonder, why did that happen? And then I think, oh wait, that's not a good thing to think. And there was a new-ish girl who moved in who was super nice, and I didn't get to know her much. And then I moved away, not even out of the stake, and people ARE ACTUALLY INVITING ME TO SIT NEXT TO THEM. And hugging me. When did this happen??

Anyways, back to school, which is actually much more interesting, and less rant-y, I am having interesting experiences EVERY DAY. :D Which I probably won't get to telling you about, because I am lazy and special that way. But, since I have nothing better to do, here is a list of interesting things that have happened.

-I said hi to old friends
-I said hi to the guy I have a crush on
-Some complete stranger learned my name, and asked me to wear my cloak to school like I did last year (flattering, creepy, and it is still way too hot outside for me to be wearing a fleece cloak around. Although, it gets FREEZING in the school)
-A girl in my math class freaks out whenever she gets a good grade on a test. It's amusing, but annoying
-My bus driver ran into a kid crossing the street (just a little, but someone called 911, and there was a big nasty brouhaha, and people are saying she got arrested; she did not)
-I got a metaphorical gold star
-Colton(friend): Dude, have you been carrying that college dictionary around all day in your binder?
Dude: Uh, yeah. . .
Me: No he hasn't. They're all over the room.
Colton: *looks around* Ooohh . . . heh heh. *picks up a dictionary and starts to read* Creamcup, Creamdoodle, Cream puff . . . hahaha, this is awesome! I have to get me one of these! :D
-I forgot my name for two seconds

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