Friday, September 23, 2011

The 1980's, Anonymous Correspondence, and More

Yes. Yes indeed. I left a few notes in Super Awesome Guy's locker. (I just now decided to call him that) One had a joke, one had a poem, and one was when I freaked out because on the poem note, I had written the wrong locker number for a 'return address'. He has gotten my notes I know, but he hasn't sent me a not back. Is it a correspondence if it's only one way? 
Isn't he just AWESOME?

Also, this week was spirit week at the lovely little hole we like to call school. I have little school spirit, but I will rarely pass up the opportunity to dress up. Monday was Team Spirit day, so I nabbed my sister's school shirt for the local high school, because they have lovely shirts, and it's probably the coolest high school around. The amusing details on how I managed to get the shirt can be found on my comic blog.

Tuesday was Clash day, when most people end up dressing up and going absolutely overboard. I did not, so we'll skip the details of this boring day.

Wednesday was Nerd day, which was totally not cool. "Let's target the stereotype of this group of people and dress like them to mock their brains!" But Super Awesome Dude was decked out, which made me sad. But he made an awesome fake nerd.

Thursday was absolutely awesome, because it was decade day. =D I was planning 70's, but my dress ended up not fitting, so I cut up an old shirt, broke out my parachute pants, and improvised, going 80's. It was absolutely FUN-NESS. ♥

Today was, of course, Spirit day, so I did nothing, because my school shirt looks really ugly, with a picture of a rabid wolverine on the front. Wolverine isn't even our mascot.

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