Monday, October 1, 2012

Procrastinatory Update on my Life

Procrastinatory (pro-cras-tin-a-tor-e) n: "I have homework . . . I think I'll post stuff on my blog!"

Thursday will mark the beginning of a great adventure. A great adventure indeed. For Thursday is the day the Shakespeare team will go to Cedar City for the Shakespeare Festival. I shall perform and be judged. I shall learn and play. Thursday will mark an epoch in my life. It is the climax of this story. This story of how I became an obnoxious thespian.


Obnoxious. As in, quoting Shakespeare more often than most people. Half of my conversations include, 'that reminds me of something we did in Shakespeare,' 'We did this really funny thing at the Renaissance Faire,' 'I wish I were in that musical,' and of course, overly dramatic reactions to things. This is obnoxious.

Tomorrow we will get our team jackets. Pictures will be posted. (I hope)

I got a dramatic monologue and was told it was comedic. So I tried to make it comedic. Then there was this part about death. So now it really is dramatic.

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