Friday, January 4, 2013

Laptops Should Not be Called Laptops and an Update on the Weather

Laptops. Y'know. You like to sit cuddled up with a laptop, browsing the web, hiding from responsibility or something. BUT YOU SHOULDN'T. DON'T PUT IT ON YOUR LAP.

There are three reasons that I have learned about.

-The laptop gets hot on the bottom and could burn you.
-The laptop has a hard time breathing and could overheat.
-The laptop get moved around and jiggled and it bumps around the spinning hard drive, ever so slowly killing it.

Kind of rubbish to me.

"Guys, I made a portable computer!"
"Oh my gosh, so cool. You could put that thing on your lap. You could go anywhere."
"You shouldn't."
"It'll break and stuff."
"We'll call it a laptop anyway. You really shouldn't put it on your lap. But you CAN."

"Look guys, I made a new phone."
"Oh that's cool, what's it called?"
"Because you can smack it up on the wall."
"Wouldn't it break?"
"Yeah. But you CAN."

~Weather update

As of now, it's flipping cold. The internet says -2 degrees(F).

And smog. The air is too cold to go anywhere, and we're sitting in smog. No fresh air anywhere near here. It's gross.

Horrible downward spiral: it's cold so I will drive my car--the exhaust has nowhere to go 'cause it's cold--still cold, more driving--more exhaust--still cold, exhaust stays low where everybody's breathing.

Gosh darn it, if we all wouldn't drive around in the cold!

But that was a bit hypocritical, as I got a ride to school yesterday. A bit shameful, but if you can't beat em, join em.... it's -2.

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