Sunday, December 9, 2012

You Should All Be Jealous

Jealous of my family.

Me (to Suzie): I will hate you forever.

Suzie: Whyyyyy???

Mom: She doesn't hate you 'cause you're beautiful.

Me: *cracks up*

Suzie: I'm gonna go cry in a corner now...

And then we started singing songs about how beautiful 'you' are, and edited them to be derogatory.


Mom: So you tested the cookies for poison, and you slid a row over?

Me: On accident...

Mom: You tested them on accident? *laughs*

Me: I slid them over on accident, geez! And the testing was quite purposeful; I even took two so that if they were poison, the effects would come on faster and we'd know sooner.

Mom: You took two to get results sooner? *facepalm*

We test cookies and other tasty things to make sure they're not poison, because it sure would be a shame if we shared them and they were poison and they killed people. Usually we assume the poison is slow, but I figured since we're sharing these this evening, I'd better test more to hopefully get poisoned faster so we'd know...

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