Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Freshman Adventures

Though I am still in the Jr. High, I am a freshman, and I am having adventures.

~Going to a newly-built school
~Preferring the old one
~Working on THREE monologues
~Finding money in the road
~Friend duct taping himself to a bench
~Showing off
~Taking honors classes (duh)
~Taking almost every extra credit opportunity even though I am an A student
~Wanting shoes
~Ruining friends' appetites at lunch
~Scaring random people (on accident)
~Not taking choir (mild regret)
~I could totally star in the musical that my old school is doing. Not that I know what that is . . .

Well, now that I've got that all written out, it doesn't seem like much of an adventure. But it feels like one.

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