Friday, January 7, 2011


That's right. Theft. I've been robbed of some of my (niftiest) artwork. I had six very cute drawings in the front of my binder (hand drawn!!!) two days ago, and now I have ONE. And they couldn't have just fallen out. I got really angry, and drew a chibi of myself holding a sword screaming "DIEE!!!" (I'm never serious when I make death threats, FYI) Then I got worried. In the front of our school is a bulletin board with newspaper clippings featuring our school. I keep dreading that I'll see a clipping with a picture of my drawing/s, saying, "So-and-so, from Xxxxxx Xxxx Junior High, won first place in a county art competition for this lovely drawing." Ooh, I would freak out then. But I have a plan. Rather than having a stake-out, or dusting for fingerprints (good ideas, I think, but I don't have the resources), I'll draw a really amazing picture this weekend, write a note on the back, and slide it into my binder. I'll post the pic when I finish it, because I don't plan on getting it back.

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